10 Best Money Saving Apps For Android And iOS

We know that the habit of saving money can be hard. So, we bring you money saving apps for Android and iOS. These apps make personal finance management, and saving money easier for you. 

These apps do tasks such as:

  • Setting personal financial goals
  • Making savings automatic every month
  • Getting notifications and alerts for bill payment 
  • Receiving financial advice by experts

The money saving apps can help you save and budget your money. You can download these apps on your smartphone and start saving instantly. 

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So, if you want to rein in your spending habits and get your personal finances in order check out our list of best money saving apps. 

Also, if you are serious about saving money check out our super easy and simple tips to save money

Best Money Saving Apps


Mint financial tracker app download on your smartphone for managing your money tracking spendings and creating budget
Image Source: Mint

It is a free money management and financial tracker app with over 15 million users. The app brings all your credit cards, bank accounts, and monthly bill payment tracker together in one place.   

It helps you with:

  • Creating a budget
  • Tracking spendings
  • Making smart money decisions

Mint informs you about what you owe, and things you can pay for based on funds available to you. You also get bill payment alerts and reminders. 

The app also gives your free Mint Credit Score without any credit card requirement. A good credit score can help save money on credit cards, loans, and insurance.

Pros: The app has an easy and slick web interface that comes with graphic representation of your spendings

Cons: Mint does not offer the bill payment feature on the app anymore

Cost: Free

Download App On: Google Play or App Store

Sign up on Mint today and start saving!


GoodBudget app helps you to see your spendings, sync & share your budget
Image Source: GoodBudget

The app provides a household and personal budgeting system that helps you break down the money and also gain control over it. 

Goodbudget is based on an envelope budgeting method where monthly income is put in various virtual envelopes. The app puts your money in various categories such as transportation, food and groceries. 

If you opt for the free plan you get 10 regular and 10 annual envelopes. Plus plan users get unlimited envelopes and access to the email support. 

Pros: You can share your budget with a spouse or family member by syncing the app across multiple devices. 

Cons: Goodbudget does not connect your accounts to any financial institution. So, you have to add transaction information manually.

Cost: Free plan or the plus plan for $6 per month or $50 per year.

Download App On: Google Play or App Store

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

YNAB is a personal finance app that provides budgeting tools, bill payment services and an investment tracker. 

The app brings an easy software that helps you gain control over your finances, get debt free and save money.

Some of its features include: 

  • Connect all your accounts, easily
  • Realtime access to the data 
  • Set and track saving goals
  • Access trend reports and visualization 
  • Live chat and support team available round the clock via email

Pros: It is an easy to use mobile app without advertising that teaches you how to budget efficiently.

Cons: The app does not automatically download the transactions from the banking sites. And the app is a little too expensive. 

Cost: Use the app for $11.99 per month ($84 per year). You can also take a free 34 days trial of the app.

Download App On: Google Play or App Store


Qapital mobile application helps you plan for summer festivals, rainy day, college fund, ski trip to Colorado, Down payment, sailing boat
Image Source: Qapital

Qapital is a mobile application that helps to manage personal finances and automate your savings. It helps you save for your next big expenditure like planning a ski trip or making your next down payment

Reasons why you should download Qapital include:

  • To create personalized goals and rules to automate your savings 
  • Set budgets right from payday 
  • Spending Sweet Spot feature that shows your spending habits and how to save
  • Get checking account without any traditional bank fees

So, sign up to get your 30 day free trial with Qapital and find your spending sweet spot!

Pros: You can set multiple goals to put your savings in and it also offers referral bonus

Cons: Qapital is not accessible via a web browser and it does not have phone contact available. 

Cost: Basic Plan ($3/month), Complete Plan ($6/month) and Master Plan ($12/month)

Download App On: Google Play or App Store


EveryDollar is a freemium budgeting app
Image Source: EveryDollar

EveryDollar is a freemium budgeting app that customizes your monthly budget to help save money, build wealth, and pay off debt.

It helps you to track your spending and plan your future purchases.

Free features offered by the app include:

  • Creating custom budget 
  • Tracking expenses on the go
  • Connecting users with experts in the field of insurance, real estate, and tax services
  • View account balance on the app
  • Connect with the bank to help stream transactions directly to your budget

Pros: The app provides zero-based budgeting and is easy to set-up and use.

Cons: You have to manually input expenses in the free version and have to pay for automatic transaction downloads.

Cost: The app is free of cost but you can get Plus Version for $99 a year

Download App On: Google Play or App Store

My Budget Book

Mobile application image of My Budget App with graphic representation of spending
Image Source: My Budget Book

My Budget Book records your income and expenses to help manage your money efficiently. The app helps you set a cap on your spending on different categories like clothes, entertainment, and others.

Some main features of the app include:

  • Manage and transfer funds between multiple accounts
  • Customize categories and subcategories as per your needs
  • Protect data with fingerprints or password
  • Export data as Excel, HTML, or CSV file
  • Add receipts or photos of your transactions to avoid managing paper receipts

Pros: The app is well constructed, easy to use, and adaptable to personal needs.

Cons: My Budget Book app users have faced some minor technical issues.

Cost: $0.99

Download App On: Google Play or App Store


PocketGuard app image of mobile with your budget, spending and details of all the accounts
Image Source: PocketGuard

It is a free app that tracks your spending habits, helps create a budget, build savings, and reduce expenses

Some of its features include:

  • Track and lower your bills
  • Closely monitor and cancel unwanted subscriptions
  • Set up saving goals and track your progress
  • Use biometrics and Pin code for maximum security
  • Save money automatically

Pros: PocketGuard is free to use and its In My Pocket feature focuses on money available for free spending 

Cons: The app is suitable for only basic money matters and has some issues connecting to the banks

Cost: Free

Download App On: Google Play or App Store

Clarity Money

Clarity Money app with images of Income pie chart and budget tracking and high yield spending
Image Source: Clarity Money

Clarity Money is a money management and budgeting tool that gives an overview of your finances. You can link your financial accounts like checking, savings, investments, credit card, or loans with the app. 

The app displays your finances in a pie chart showing times you overspent. It also tracks your regular expenses like subscriptions and tracks any increase or decrease in them. 

It also allows you to transfer and save money in a non-interest bearing account like FDIC insured accounts. 

Pros: Since the app is free of charge it is accessible to anyone who wants to improve their budgeting habits. It also tells you how much you are spending on monthly subscriptions.

Cons: Some of its features are only available for iOS users. Also, the app does not support some of the financial institutions. This means some of your accounts might not be supported by the app.

Cost: Free

Download App On: Google Play or App Store


Digit budget money saving app with mobile images of the app
Image Source: Digit

Digit is a cool system that uses a special savings algorithm to analyze your accounts. This helps determine how much money you should save as per your budget. 

The algorithm goes through your account balance, bills, upcoming earnings, and recent spending to determine the amount you can afford to save. 

It is an intelligent app that saves money from your checking account on regular intervals. Once you sign up, the app automatically analyses your spending habits and moves funds to the Digit savings account. 

Pros: The app has a user-friendly interface and high level of security.

Cons: There are connectivity issues and transfer from the app to bank account takes around 3 days.

Cost: $5 per month 

Download App On: Google Play or App Store


Image Source: Wallet

Wallet is a budgeting app that can be used on Android and iOS devices. The app helps to synchronize your financial account with the bank transactions history.

How does the app work: 

  • Sync up to three accounts that can be categorized in cash, loan, and others
  • Categorize your spending to shopping, food & drinks, transport, and others
  • Create saving goals and specific budget for a specific account or category
  • Plan payment of regular expenses like rent
  • Archive the receipts for future reference
  • Wallet can also analyse your financial statement and spending habits

Pros: You can individualize your experience on the app and set your goals for big expenses like planning a wedding, or taking a big loan.

Cons: Free version allows only manual budgeting which is super time consuming.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Download App On: Google Play or App Store

Ready, Set, Save!!

If you are considering saving money especially for a big future expenditure such as a fancy wedding, buying a home, or planning your next vacation. We suggest making your money saving habits serious.

Download one of these money saving apps on your smart devices to automate your saving on a regular basis.  These apps help:

  • Save money
  • Create a sensible budget
  • Manage your expenses

Let us know in the comments section below if we missed a great money saving and budgeting app. 

Also, we would love to hear your experience with using these or any other budgeting apps.

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