How To Make A Home Office: Amazing Amazon Deals!

How to Make a Home Office - Amazing Amazon Deals

Are you still working from home? You’re not alone! Loads of office workers are still stuck in their houses, and we might be staying here for quite a while! 

It sucks, I know. Even those of us that love our pyjamas and hate commuting have come to miss the sensation of the outside world and its inhabitants. 

But we can’t just wallow in our misery and let ourselves suffer! A better work environment improves our work, our work lives and our private lives. In other words, it improves everything!

So I am here to show you some awesome products that will help you create the perfect little home office, no matter what space you have available. 

Whether you’re in your bedroom, the dining room, the living room, and even if you’re in the same room as another working personthese tips, tricks and Amazon products will help you create a space that is all yours and totally optimised for productivity! 

Let’s get started! 

Home office Amazon products

vidaXL 6-Panel Room Divider

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The first, biggest and possibly most important product on this list is the Room Divider! Don’t have a separate room to do your work in? Then this is your lifesaver.

If you live with another person/people, dividing the room up and hiding them from view can do wonders for your concentration. 

They are not part of your work life, so having them in your peripheral vision is only going to remind you that you’re at home.

And oh, did you mention that thing that happened the other day? You didn’t? Well now you’re going to gossip with them for an hour and get no work done!

Those of you who live alone can also benefit from this Room Divider by using it to separate your ‘work space’ from your ‘living space’. If you can’t see your sofa, you won’t think about how much you want to lie on it! 

Plus, just the act of leaving your work space on an evening and walking back into the living space can help simulate that ‘ah, I’m home!’ feeling that all of us WFHers miss so sorely!

In short, for anyone without a separate and private room available to work in, the Room Divider is the first step to creating your perfect home office!

Check out the product here!

Portable White Board

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This one might seem a little playful, and it is, but atmosphere is everything! Not all of us have spare office desks sitting in our homes (I know I don’t). So we’re using the dining table, or a tiny cheap table we bought for £40, and that can be a little distracting!

We sit down at our dining tables with our laptops and instead of thinking ‘okay, let’s get to work!’, we instinctively think ‘right, where’s my food?’

And I’m only half joking! Adding some classic ‘office desk’ accessories to your new work environment will help you feel like you’re really ready to work. 

This mini whiteboard is an awesome example! Sure, we can write our to-do lists on our computers, but who wants to minimise windows and bring up other windows every time you want to check your schedule? 

With this little desk whiteboard, you’ll be able to peek past your computer screen and see what you need to see in a split second, no buttons clicked! 

And every time you do so, you’ll think ‘ah, this is my home office!’

Check out the product here!

Top Tip: Mini cacti are also wonderful desk accessories. So cute.

Non-Slip Desk Pad

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Here’s another product for those of you using a table not designed for office work. 

The Non-Slip Desk Pad is basically a huge mouse mat. So if your surface isn’t great for your mouse, this product will be.

It also protects your surface. No scratches or coffee spills, no damage from your crazy-hot laptop or your nails, endlessly tapping from boredom.  

Secondly, if you are using a large table, this can help separate your little work space. You’ll look at your desk pad with your work tools and accessories all neatly arranged, and you’ll see an office desk.  

Check out the product here!

HUANUO Ergonomic Foot Rest

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Most of the products so far have focused on the mental side of things. On how to make you feel like you’re at work, and how to feel like you’ve come home from work. This product however, will help your body rather than your mind.

Office desks and office chairs are designed for humans to sit at them for hours and hours at a time. A generic table is not. If you’re sitting at something that doesn’t feel quite right, then this footrest might be of use to you. 

It can help correct some of the posture problems that tables and chairs of the wrong height can create. The aim is always a straight back, legs at a 90 degree angle and feet flat on the floor! 

Being uncomfortable might not seem like the end of the world at the time, but your body will get angry with you at some point! Bad posture can cause all sorts of nasty aches and pains. 

And who wants a home office that causes them physical pain? No one!

Check out the product here!

Tips and tricks for the perfect home office

Alright, that’s it for my Amazon products, but I still have a few more tips to make your home office even more awesome!

Office background noise

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Firstly: ambient noise. We all seem to think silence promotes concentration, but for a lot of us, silence is just empty and distracting. It’s also a constant reminder that you’re no longer surrounded by other humans.

The right noise/music, however, can help you relax, concentrate, block out any unwanted noise and stop you yearning for the sounds you’re used to.

Try to think of what you enjoyed hearing while at work. Were you next to a window looking out onto a bustling city? Did you hear colleagues chatting? Did you like hearing the rain patter against the windows?

Whatever the answer is, you’ll be able to find the sounds you want on YouTube. 3 hour long videos of someone walking through a city with a camera, or a pretty landscape with the sounds of wind and rivers, or storms and rain.

I personally enjoy the soundtracks from games I like with rain sounds or ocean waves played over the top! 

Play around and see what works for you! What is the soundtrack for your amazing home office?


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One universal truth of working in an office is that people talk. They always talk and they don’t always talk about work. 

Though idle conversations can be problematic if you’re at it too often, in most cases they are actually super useful! 

They give you quick and regular breathers from your work, breaking your concentration for a few minutes and providing an instant change of pace. And when you turn back to your work, you can view it with a fresh perspective.

The answer to that problem you’d been staring at for the past 20 minutes pops into your head, just like that. Almost as if it had always been there!

But when we work in our home office, no one is going to come wandering past our desk, waiting to be called over. So we need to create these micro-breaks ourselves. Whenever you feel yourself slowing down, or struggling to move forward, stop. 

Grab a drink, stretch your legs, put on a song, watch a short YouTube video or check your social media. If you have any colleagues or friends you know will be available, have a quick chat with them. 

But don’t take too long! This isn’t a real break, you’re just looking away from your work for a couple of minutes to refresh. So get refreshed, and get back to work!

You’re ready to go!

That’s all I have to share with you today. With these handy Amazon products and productivity tips, you’ll be enjoying your new home office in no time! 

But don’t thank me! The most important part in making your home office work well is your desire to get the most out of working from home.

Good luck!

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