Halloween At Home 2020: How To Make It Awesome!

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Halloween won’t be the same this year—no Trick or Treating, no costume parties, no office parties. But if you were planning to let that stop you celebrating the funnest holiday there is, you’d better think again! This year’s Halloween at home can be as fun as any other year!

Whether you’re an all-adult household or you have kids scampering around, there’s still lots of spooky Halloween fun to be had this year! Just load your Halloween with so many activities that you won’t even have time to notice what’s missing!

And we have a bunch of suggestions to help get your creative juices flowing. Let’s get started!

Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes at home
Image source: https://www.canva.com/photos/MADySB71jq8-man-and-woman-sitting-while-wearing-halloween-costumes/

This is a must for those with young children. Whether you’re outside or inside, everyone will still have fun getting ready, wearing costumes and taking pictures. If you’re a Halloween-crazy household, you wouldn’t want 2020 to leave an empty gap in your photo album, would you? 

Plus it’ll go a long way towards making Halloween feel as it always does. Getting ready was always half the fun, anyway! 

Halloween Photo Shoot

photo shoot
Image source: https://www.canva.com/photos/MADyRQPlkIg-woman-holding-baby/

Since we can’t gather with our friends for group photos this year, it might be an idea to add a new element to the photo-taking. Set up a corner in your house with crazy Halloween props and don the role of the flamboyant fashion photographer, demanding insane poses from your models and getting some laughs out of it. 

Halloween Candy Hunt

candy hunt
Image source: https://www.canva.com/photos/MAEKmI49M-w-kids-in-mummy-costumes/

These are desperate times—so who says we can’t draw inspiration from other holidays? Give the old Easter Egg Hunt a Halloween make-over and replace Trick or Treating with a Candy Hunt. 

This way the candy is still an activity for the kids, rather than just a bowl of food in front of them. And if you want to go all out, have someone hide in a closet and pounce upon an unsuspecting Candy Hunter—another good one for the photo album! 

Halloween at Home Theatre

Image source: https://www.canva.com/photos/MADGyAKmtTA-white-popcorns-on-round-white-ceramic-bowl/

Spending Halloween at home means horror films—we don’t even need to suggest this one, it goes without saying! But we can do better than simply throwing a movie on the TV.  

Setting up a Halloween home theatre will make this movie-viewing feel special and fun. Push the sofa up fairly close to the TV and drape some sheets right over both (just as if you were making a den)! Line the floor inside with blankets and pillows, maybe a few glow-in-the-dark spiders, and there you have it!

A special little extra-spooky space to watch your Halloween movies and create that at-home cinema atmosphere!

Homemade Halloween Snacks

Homemade Halloween treats at home
Image source: https://www.canva.com/photos/MAELS6efo2I-box-of-halloween-cookies/

Candy is the staple food of Halloween, but even if we wish we could, we can’t eat only candy for an entire day! If you usually eat normal meals on Halloween, then get ready to mix things up—this year is the year to go all out! 

There are endless Halloween recipes on Youtube and the internet in general, so do some research and find something you want to make! If you have kids around, get them to help out making the decorative elements. 

Of course, sweet stuff is not off the table! Halloween cookies, marshmallows and other sweet treats are an activity to make and a pleasure to eat, so don’t miss out!

Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy at home
Image source: https://www.canva.com/photos/MADyQ3BZcgE-halloween-candies/

We mentioned the Candy Hunt idea, but what candy will you actually buy? Kids don’t normally get to choose the candy they get, as they collect it from lots of different houses. The sheer quantity normally makes up for any duds, but this year they won’t come home with 3 weeks’ worth of sugar. So instead, we can up the quality. Make sure you buy according to their tastes, and maybe buy some extra fancy stuff for the end-game of the Candy Hunt! 

The homemade treats can also contribute towards this ‘quality over quantity’ approach. Still, I recommend buying and making more than you can eat in one day. 

It might not be the healthiest holiday in the world, but Halloween isn’t Halloween if you’re not surrounded by more candy than you can possibly eat!

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving on Halloween at home
Image source: https://www.canva.com/photos/MAELLPV8sLA-person-holding-jack-o-lantern/

Another Halloween staple that hardly needs to be on this list. But we can add some (virtual) social elements to the pumpkin carving this year to spice things up. Contact your usual Halloween group and commission pumpkins from everyone. 

Once you have pictures of all the submissions gathered, keep the carvers anonymous and have the children vote for winners. Think up some different categories (funniest, scariest, silliest, dopiest, etc) and hold a real little Pumpkin Awards Ceremony over Zoom. Prizes are, of course, essential. 

If you’re into creative competitions, you don’t have to stop with Pumpkin Carvings! Best costume, best Halloween-themed food, best house decorations—you can make anything into a competition! You could even make 2 minute-long scary films to share! 


Ghosting activity for Halloween at home
Image source: https://www.canva.com/photos/MAEKmNlXVXs-people-in-ghost-costumes/

Ghosting is essentially Trick or Treating without the human contact. You can make little packages full of Halloween Treats, place them on friends’ and family’s doorsteps, ring the bell and run away! 

Whether this would be fun or so close to contact that it only feels frustrating will depend on the individual. If you don’t want to risk going out at all, a postal version could be managed if you send them enough in advance! It all depends on what you’re comfortable with. 

Halloween Decorations

Decorations for Halloween at home
Image source: https://www.canva.com/photos/MAEJ3rbOzF4-cute-halloween-decorations/

If you have boxes of Halloween decorations in the attic, don’t let them feel lonely this year! The outside of your house might not matter as much, but the inside should definitely be as festive as possible!

Arts & Crafts activities are always an option too, kids like to put their own touch on what hangs in the house!

Virtual Halloween at Home Party

virtual party
Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/smgTvepind4

If you’re not utterly sick of Zoom, then hold a virtual Halloween Party! There are a lot of party games that can be played online: e.g the JackBox Party games are great fun and you’ll only need a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone in order to participate. 

The online game Among Us is also hugely popular right now, and as a murder mystery-type party game, it’s thematically suited for some Halloween fun!

If you need any more ideas, check out our 25 Best Online Games to Play with Friends article for a whole list of great games!

Halloween Cocktails

Image source: https://www.canva.com/photos/MADGyVtHgQQ-pink-cocktail-with-lime-slice-martini-glass-wallpaper/

For every fun, child-friendly Halloween recipe out there, there’s also a yummy adult-friendly counterpart. Halloween-themed cocktails are particularly plentiful, and cocktails are always a top recommendation for any celebration! 

A Halloween themed meal, a candy bowl full of childhood-favourites, Halloween cocktails and some scary movies would make for a wonderfully adult Halloween at home!

Homemade Halloween chocolates can also be spiked! Just keep the naughty versions away from any children wandering about. Kids don’t have to ask permission to eat candy on Halloween, they just take whatever they see! 

Attitude Is Everything

As we all know, nothing is fun unless we make it fun. For your own sake and for those around you, get yourself into the spirit make the most of your Halloween! 

If you’re unconvinced, just remember—awesome decorations, good movies, silly games and (most importantly) amazing food and mountains of candy guarantee enjoyment! It’s the golden rule: never miss an opportunity to stuff your face with amazing food.  

Now grab yourself a coffee, open your laptop and start planning the perfect Halloween at home! 

Happy Halloween!

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