How To Play Among Us: The Ultimate Guide!

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Heard the hype about Among Us and want to know what it’s all about? Well look no further, we have everything you need to start playing and get winning!

Everyone is playing Among Us right now. The Twitch streamers and YouTubers are playing it, social-distancing friends are playing it, colleagues are playing it for team building, and strangers are playing it together, too. 

There are even some super high-profile names giving it a go! Just this month, US congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (a.k.a AOC) streamed the game on Twitch, playing with a number of popular Twitch streamers and Youtubers. It became one of the biggest Twitch streams in history! And it was super fun, so we’ve taken screenshots from the stream for this Ultimate Guide!

But what actually is the game about? How do you play it? And most importantly: how do you win? We will answer all of these questions and more, so sit back and get ready to become an Among Us pro!

What is Among Us about?

Among Us title screen
The title screen, and AOC’s excited face!
Image source: Youtube

Among Us is about a crew out in space, trying to keep their ship in working order. However, at least one member of this crew is actually an imposter and is out to kill everyone aboard! 

There can be up to 10 players in a game, and you can choose between 1-3 imposters. You can play in private games or open games (i.e anyone can join).

While crewmates run around performing tasks to keep the ship running, imposters will sabotage the ship and kill crew members. If you die as a crewmate, you’ll become a ghost and carry on with your tasks. 

The game can end in four ways:

  1. The crew complete all their tasks: CREW WIN.
  2. The crew guess who the imposter(s) are and eject them: CREW WIN.
  3. The imposter(s) kill enough crew members: IMPOSTER WINS.
  4. The crew fail to fix a lethal sabotage: IMPOSTER WINS.

Lots of the settings in the game (e.g number of imposters, number of tasks, kill cooldown etc) can be altered to your tastes. There are also a handful of different maps to play which feature their own tasks and special features.

You can download the game on PC (paid), android and iOS (free with adverts). 

That’s the bare bones of it. Next, I’ll tell you about the general structure of the game!

What happens in a game of Among Us

The first thing you’ll see when a game of Among Us starts is whether you’re a crewmate or an imposter. The gameplay of crewmates and imposters is quite different, so I’ll cover them separately! 

Everyone will begin in the same room, but will instantly wander off to do what they need to do. Crewmates will start completing their tasks, and imposters will try to act innocently while they plan murders and sabotages!


Among Us sabotage
The red flashing screen of death! The task list to the left shows that the oxygen has been sabotaged!
Image source: Youtube

Imposters can sabotage a number of the ship’s functions, like lights or communications (a communications sabotage hides your list of tasks!) 

But if they sabotage something important like the oxygen supply, sirens will sound and the screen will flash red. This means the sabotage is lethal, and the crew need to fix it before the timer runs out! If they fail, everyone will die and the imposter(s) will win. 

Emergency Meetings

Among Us meeting
AOC defends herself during her first run as the Imposter! The megaphone indicates which player called the meeting.
Image source: Youtube

When an imposter kills a crewmate, nothing happens until someone reports the body. Anyone (including the murderer) can find the body and press the ‘report’ button to report it. 

When a body is reported, an emergency meeting will begin. During meetings, players will discuss what they know and try to figure out who the imposter is. Crewmates will defend themselves, and imposters will tell lies to throw everyone off. 

At the end of the emergency meeting, there will be a vote. If you suspect someone of being an imposter, you can vote to kick them off the ship. But if you’re not sure yet, you can vote to skip the vote. 

When the majority of the players choose to skip the vote, nothing will happen. Otherwise, the player with the most votes will be kicked off the ship. When this happens, you’ll find out whether they were an imposter or not (unless you turn that setting off!). 

A poor ejected player floats in space…
Image source: Youtube

You can also call an emergency meeting manually from the meeting room. Anyone can do this when they have seen something suspicious and want to ask some questions!

After a meeting, everyone goes back to their various tasks until another meeting is called. If you’re a dead crewmate, you can’t talk during the meetings, but you do have to carry on completing your tasks.


The crewmates win! (Though with much sacrifice—look how many ghosts there are!)
Image source: Youtube

Imposters will win the game if the number of imposters and crewmates become equal. For example, if there are 2 imposters, the imposters will win when there’s only 2 crewmates left alive. 

Imposters will also win the game if the crew fails to fix a deadly sabotage. This could happen even right at the beginning of the game!

Victory goes to crew if they kick all of the imposters off the ship. This could also happen very quickly if the crew are lucky or the imposters are sloppy!

The other way for the crew to win is to complete all of the tasks. This can sometimes take a while. The ending can get quite tense when there is only one or two tasks left to complete, but the imposters also only have one more crew member to kill!

How to play as a Crewmate in Among Us

you are a crewmate
The start screen of the game, telling AOC she is a Crewmate this time!
Image source: Youtube

Since there are always more crewmates than imposters, you’ll (almost definitely) play as a crewmate more often. So here’s what you need to do!

The map, tasks, and ghosts

Among Us map (crewmate)
The crewmate’s map. Exclamation marks show the location of tasks.
Image source: Youtube

As a crewmate, your main objective is to complete the list of tasks on the right-hand side of your screen. The locations of your tasks will be highlighted on your map, and the tasks themselves will glow yellow when you’re close to them.

The tasks themselves are a range of mini-games that take different amounts of time to complete. You won’t be able to see your surroundings while completing a mini-game, so it’s a popular time for imposters to kill you!

You are the only crewmate that knows you’re a crewmate, so be ready to get accused of being the imposter! In order to defend yourself, make sure to pay attention to what you are doing and where you are. 

During emergency meetings, you’ll have to answer questions so other players know whether you were close to a dead body or a suspicious event. If you can’t say what room you were in, your crewmates will doubt you!

If an imposter kills you, your body will stay on the ground for your crewmates to find and you will become a ghost. But it’s not all bad! As a ghost, you can phase right through walls! 

This means you’ll be able to complete your tasks quicker, and see more of what’s going on. But being dead also means you know who the imposter is, and can’t participate in the emergency meetings anymore. Dead people can’t talk, after all! 

Dealing with sabotage

today's code
AOC fixes the Oxygen Supply sabotage by entering today’s code. Only 20 seconds left ’til depletion!
Image source: Youtube

When a ship function has been sabotaged, the location will flash on your map and a yellow arrow will appear on your screen to guide you towards it. 

If the sabotage isn’t fixed in time, everyone will die! But it’s your choice whether to fix it yourself or leave it to someone else.

Warning: heading away from the sabotage instead of towards it might look a little suspicious!

Noticing suspicious behaviour

sus behaviour
AOC finds hasanabi stood on a vent… were they about to use it? Or were they standing at the task point?
Image source: Youtube

While focusing on their tasks, a crewmate also needs to pay attention to what is going on around them! You never know when you’ll find a dead body, so make sure to take note of who walks by you and what direction they were coming from.

At the top of your screen there is a bar that tracks the completion of the crew’s tasks. When a task is completed, the bar will fill up a little bit. When it’s completely full, the tasks are all done.

Since imposters don’t have any tasks to complete, nothing they do will make the taskbar progress. So if you see someone standing at a task spot, and the bar doesn’t move when they walk away… well, that is suspicious! 

The imposters can also travel around the ship’s vent system. If an imposter uses a vent near you, you’ll see an animation of them jumping in! The imposters will do their best to avoid being seen, but if you notice someone hovering around the vents too much, this is also suspicious!

Wrap Up (crewmate)

among us mini game
AOC concentrates on a task minigame…
Image source: Youtube

The most important things to remember when playing as a crewmate:

  1. Complete your tasks, even when you’re a ghost!
  2. Be aware of sabotages (and maybe help fix them)!
  3. Pay attention to where you are and what you’re doing.
  4. Pay attention to who and what you see around you.
  5. Watch for suspicious behaviour.
  6. When you’re dead, be quiet and don’t give away the game!

In short, just do your jobs and keep your wits about you and you’ll be just fine! (Probably.)

How to play as an Imposter in Among Us

imposter screen
AOC gets the Imposter role in the first game of the stream!
Image source: Youtube

Depending on how many people you play with and how many imposters you choose to have, it could take a while for you to get a turn as the imposter. However, it could also happen in your first game like it did for AOC! 

The point is, you never know what might happen, so it’s best to read up on what you’ll need to do! 

The sabotage map

sabotage map
The sabotage map. All of the icons are clickable (apart from when they are unavailable/ on cool down)!
Image source: Youtube

As an imposter, you have 2 main jobs: sabotage and kill. If you open your sabotage map, you can see all the parts of the ship you are able to sabotage. You don’t need to be next to them to do it, just click it on the map. 

Here is a list of the things you can sabotage and how it affects the game:

  1. O2 – The oxygen supply. This will vent all of the oxygen from the ship, and if the countdown reaches 0, the crew will die and the imposter(s) will win.
  2. Reactor Meltdown – Exactly what it sounds like. The reactor will start to melt, and if the countdown reaches 0, the crew will die and the imposter(s) win.
  3. Communications – This will shut down multiple ship functions, but most importantly it will prevent the crew from seeing their task lists. It also disables the security cameras, vitals, admin map and the door log. 
  4. Lights – This will make everything go black! Excepting the imposter and any ghosts, everyone’s vision will be drastically limited. Players won’t be able to see other players until they are very close. 
  5. Doors – You can sabotage the doors in a room, closing them for 10 seconds. This can lock someone out, or lock them in. 

These are the options you have, but how you use them is up to you! You can figure out your own strategy, learn from a friend or watch some YouTube videos—whatever you want! 


kill cool down buttons
The KILL Button when available vs. on cooldown.
Image source: Youtube

When you see a group of 3 crewmates innocently wandering down a hallway, you can’t just kill them all in a bloodthirsty frenzy. This is because you have a ‘kill cooldown’. After you kill a player, you need to wait for the countdown on your KILL button to reach 0 before you can kill again.

The same goes for sabotages. If you sabotage (for example) the lights, then you’ll need to wait for its cooldown to hit 0 before you can sabotage them again.


venting in among us
Imposter AOC stands near a vent, causing the VENT button to appear in the bottom right.
Image source: Youtube

Vents are present all around the map, but only imposters can use them. When you enter or exit from a vent, an animation will play which is visible for anyone in the area. 

In other words, crewmates can see you using the vents, so you need to be careful! Once in the vents, arrows will be displayed to show you which way you can go. 

When hiding in a vent, both your kill cooldown and your sabotage cooldowns will pause.

Wrap up (imposter)

defeat among us
AOC is defeated in her first run as the imposter! The first time is always difficult!
Image source: Youtube

Here are the most important things to remember when playing as an imposter:

  1. Use the sabotage map to make things difficult for the crew.
  2. Try to look innocent! 
  3. Be mindful of your cooldowns.
  4. Use the vents to sneak around the map.
  5. Be strategic! If you don’t think about what you’re doing, you’ll get caught quickly!

It might take a few attempts to get used to playing as the imposter, so don’t feel bad if your first go ends terribly!

Communicating in Among Us

emergency meeting
In AOC’s stream, the players talked over a voice chat. The in-game text chat can be accessed via the speech bubble button in the top right.
Image source: Youtube

An important thing you’ll need to know when playing Among Us is when to talk and when not to talk. You’ll also need to understand what to say and what not to say

I’ve mentioned bits and pieces throughout this guide, but this is important so I’ve put it all together here as well!

Players can communicate via a text chat within the game, or a separate voice chat or text chat on a platform like Discord. 

The main time for talking during the game is in the emergency meetings. This is when you should share information about what you’ve been doing and what you’ve seen happening.

When you’re not in a meeting, chatting should be kept to a minimum. This is to avoid the spread of information. If everyone knows everything that’s going on, the game will be too easy!

Here is a general rule: if you didn’t see it on your screen, you shouldn’t know about it.

However, players are free to ask questions if there is a task or feature they don’t understand. 

Here are the most important points to remember:

  1. Don’t tell people that you’ve been killed – your crewmates have to find your body themselves.
  2. Don’t tell people who killed you – that would end the whole game!
  3. Once you are dead, you shouldn’t talk during the meetings – the living crew members need to solve the mystery without you. Plus, you’re dead. Dead people can’t talk!
  4. If you talk outside of meetings, avoid using names – this way, other players won’t get too much information about where everyone is.

Among Us is like a murder mystery game, so just remember not to say things that will spoil the mystery! You’ll get the hang of it super quick, so don’t worry!

And that’s about everything!

kill animation among us
AOC gets her neck snapped!! Among Us allows no mercy!
Image source: Youtube

That’s it! That’s everything you need to know (and more) before playing your first game of Among Us. 

There’s a lot more still to discover, but you’ll learn from experience and from the people you play with. 

Even without all the settings you can tweak to mix things up, this game is different every time! So grab your friends and have a go—trust the hype!

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