Surprising Benefits Of Playing Video Games

Surprising Benefits of Playing Video Games

There are many surprising benefits of playing video games. Most people always assume that playing video games is a waste of time, and it causes mental problems.

However, there are some studies that show there are many benefits of playing video games. These include improvement in vision, social skills, and learning abilities. 

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Role-playing and strategic-based games help improve problem solving skills. And puzzle games enhance your organizational and time management skills. 

The debate whether playing video games are good or bad has been going on ever since video games first came into existence. 

Different age groups might have different impacts from playing video games.

So, our list gives you a general overview of why video games are good for you and people across all ages.

Here are some surprising benefits of playing video games, number 10 will shock you:

We bring you 20 amazing and surprising benefits of playing video games.

Video Games Helps To Improve Social Skills

One of the benefits of playing video games is that it helps enhance social skills
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Playing video games involves constant communication with other players. This helps to develop casual relationships with them. 

Some games with social and collaborative components help build better relationships with other people. 

As per some studies, scientists have found a strong association between video games and better social skills.

Video Games Enhances Your Ability To Learn

Playing video games can improve your learning capabilities. Games are a great source of learning not only for children, but for teenagers, and adults also. 

Some games like puzzles which require working through a problem helps you to learn.

Playing specific video games can help children improve their academic performance. It also enhances their cognitive and creative skills.

Video Games Makes You Physically Active

A game on Nintendo Wii Sports helps gamers physically more active
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Video games these days give gamers a chance to be more physically active while playing. Most consoles have the technology to get players off from the couch and get on your feet to play.

Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Move, and Xbox Kinect requires the gamers to get up and perform some physical tasks.

Video Games Help Reduces Stress & Improves Mental Health

One of the benefits of playing video games is that it reduces stress. Image has a men in white shirt playing video games
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Some studies suggest that playing certain games can reduce stress and improve mental health.

Video games are interesting, enjoyable, and engaging which helps reduce stress. Playing online games can reduce stress in many ways:

  • Video games are enjoyable and entertaining
  • Playing video games and winning gives a feeling of competence
  • Games give you instant rewards that reduces stress of achieving long term goals

Playing video games can boost your mood, and help to improve heart rhythms. This is a sign that gaming helps relieve stress.

Video Games Help Improve Multitasking Skills

Most games require you to do various tasks in one go. Some studies suggest that playing video games can help improve your multitasking abilities. This is because video games increases your attentional capacity. 

Attentional capacity is the amount of information learners can attend to at any given time.

In an action game, you are required to move, jump, fight, shoot, and do many other actions at the same time. This helps players to be observant and react to all requirements of that particular game.

Video Games Help Make Better Decisions

We can learn to strengthen our decision making abilities by playing video games. While playing games display changes constantly and you have to make instant decisions. 

The brain of action video game players is more efficient collectors of visual and auditory information. This helps them to arrive at necessary threshold of information they need to make better and faster decision compared to non gamers.

Video Games Help Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

Various studies show that playing video games helps you improve your hand-eye coordination. This is because playing video games requires reacting quickly and accurately to the events that are happening on the screen. 

As per a study by the University of Toronto, people who play video games on a regular basis are better at learning new sensorimotor skills. They also have a better hand-eye coordination. 

Video Games Speeds Up Reaction Time

Action video games help improve goal-directed reaction time. Video games sometimes act like a training regimen that help speed up reaction times in real-life situations.

People who play action video games like shooter games have much faster reaction time compared to people who do not play games. 

As per a study at the University of Rochester, video game players develop a heightened sensitivity of things happening around them. This helps them to improve on many skills, one of which is quick reaction in a given situation. 

Video Games Enhances Memory

As per a study by neurologists at University of California, playing three-dimensional video games can boost formation of memories. 

Out of 69 participants, a third were asked to play Angry Birds, and a third to play Super Mario 3D for 30 minutes for two weeks. Rest of the group played nothing. People who played Mario ended up doing much better on follow up memory tasks compared to other participants.

The research concluded that “video gamers who specifically favour complex 3D video games performed better.”

Video Games Improve Your Vision

Some studies suggest that playing video games can improve the visual ability crucial for tasks like reading and driving at night. 

“Gaming helps improve visual skills such as the ability to track objects and paying attention to fast moving objects or events.”

One study trained 10 non gamers for 30 hours in first person action games. And then tested them against 10 other non gamers.

The results showed that students were able to see objects more clearly in cluttered spaces because of improved spatial resolution. This means that the subjects were able to train their brain to see smaller details. 

Video Games Might Help Slow Down Aging

Some video games can help slow down aging and boost the brains of older people. Gaming is a great workout for the brain. It helps improve your brain’s gray matter which is associated with memories, muscle control, spatial navigation, and perception.  

Brain games involve memory and problem solving components that show positive benefits on older players. Studies have shown that 3D platform games help people between the ages of 55 and 75 years to slow down mental decay associated with aging. 

Study shows 10 hours of playing games can increase cognitive functioning in people above 50 years of age and delay decline in cognitive abilities by up to seven years.

Video Games Eases Pain

Playing video games can help adults and children find relief from chronic and acute pain. If people with chronic pain immerse themselves in video games, they receive analgesic benefits.

Research suggests that video games prove effective in reducing anxiety and acute pain caused by painful medical procedures and could be useful for treating chronic pain.

Video games reduce cravings

Colorful Games like Tetris helps to reduce cravings
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A study by University of Plymouth suggests that playing block stacking game like tetris just for three minutes can reduce cravings for things like food, cigarettes, and alcohol.

As per the study, cravings involve visualizing the experience of consuming a particular substance or doing a particular activity like smoking. 

Playing a visual and interesting game like Tetris helps occupy your mental processes that create imagination. 

Video Games Could Helps Children With Dyslexia

Some researchers suggest that playing video games help overcome dyslexia. As per the study, playing action video games for over 12 hours has helped to improve reading abilities of children with dyslexia.

Action video games efficiently improve reading and attention skills in dyslexic children

Some researchers compared reading, phonological, and attentional skills in two groups of children suffering from dyslexia. This is done before and after they played action or nonaction video games for 9 sessions lasting for 80 minutes/day.

It is believed that the games have constantly changing environments that require intense focus and this is what helps dyslexic children.

Video Games Improve Manual Dexterity

Some controller based games can be great to improve manual dexterity. Special video games have been used as physical therapy to help stroke victims to regain function of their wrists and hands.

Video Games Help Make Better Surgeons

A scientific study conducted on 33 laparoscopic surgeons proved that playing video games made them 27% faster at advanced surgical procedures. It also showed that surgeons who played video games made 37% fewer errors compared to surgeons who did not play video games.

Video Games Help Become A Problem Solver

Mission-based and multi-level games are like complex puzzles that take several hours to solve. Playing these kinds of video games help you to think on your feet and make strategies within fast-paced environments. These skills can also translate into the real world and real world problems. 

As per a study published by American Psychological Association, playing video games may also help children develop problem-solving skills. 

More and more adolescents play strategic video games, such as role-playing games as it helps improve their problem solving abilities, and school grades. 

Video Games Can Inspire Resilience

When you play video games to either win or lose, in this process you learn from your mistakes and strive to make progress. 

Some researchers believe that video games teach us to be more resilient, and confident towards our goals despite the challenges. We treat every misstep as an opportunity to learn and bounce back.

Video Games Helps People With Multiple Sclerosis

Some studies have shown that video games help people with Multiple Sclerosis. Video games helps them with problems like:

  • Balance issues
  • Degrading motor skills
  • Loss of short term memory
  • Pain

For example, playing video games on a Nintendo Wii Balance Board can help improve your balance and reduce your risk of falls.

“Studies suggest that playing brain-training games might help improve cognitive abilities of people suffering from multiple sclerosis.”

Video Games Help Older People

A study approved by the University of Illinois suggests that playing video games can help seniors with better balance and improved gait.  

The older adults who played brain-training games were able to stand up and walk faster compared to people who did not play. 


Playing video games is often dismissed as something that is a waste of time, and bad for your eyes, body and mind. 

However, many studies have been conducted over the years that show that video games are good for you. Some of its benefits can be cognitive, motivational, emotional or social in nature.

So, do consider the benefits mentioned in the blog before firing up your favourite console or computer games. And do remember to play in moderation.

Share this list with your friends and family. Let us know in the comment section below about what you think about video games.

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