Top 10 Most Popular Games on Pointvoucher!

Hello and welcome to this awesome article! Today, I will be showing you the 10 most popular games on the Pointvoucher website!

Here at Pointvoucher, games are EVERYTHING!

Our whole purpose is to search out and collect super fun and popular games for our users to play and earn points with. The way we see it, if you’re going to be playing games anyway, you might as well earn some cool rewards at the same time! Right?

But, not all games are created equal, and we have over 175 games on our site to choose from! So I’m here to help you choose which games to try via a method a little more structured than just randomly clicking any game on our site!

The following games are the most loved by our users, with the most people playing them for the most amount of time! If you’re going to choose, you might as well choose from the best!


Aliens In Chains

To show the 10th most popular game
Image source: Pointvoucher – Aliens In Chains

Our first game is totally out of this world! Aliens In Chains has you destroying aliens on some far off spaceship somewhere (I don’t know where but with this many aliens to kill, it must be enemy territory!). 

To clear the screen, you must laser aliens according to the goals on the right side of the screen. Your lasers can only hit a certain number of the pests though, so hover over the various active buttons to see which critters you’ll reach with each click. 

The gameplay is fast, the visuals are beautiful and the theme is so much fun! This game is a perfect way to fill those little pockets of spare time one finds themself with throughout the day!

Try it out Aliens In Chains here!

Bubble Shooter Candy

to show the candy game
Image source: Pointvoucher – Bubble Shooter Candy

Bubble Shooter Candy is everything a mobile game should be: simple, fun and pretty! It’s a classic bubble shooter game, no funny business at all—and the candy-themed bubble visuals are so pretty I could almost eat them! 

Simply move the arrow to aim your bubble cannon and shoot! Make sure you keep track of what kind of candy is loaded into your cannon each turn. You can only clear the screen if your cannon fodder touches a matching candy bubble!

And remember, simple doesn’t always mean easy! You won’t always be able to make a match happen, but you always need to be setting up your next big one. The bubbles will slowly move down the screen, and failed shots will also bring the bubbles closer to the bottom. And when they reach the bottom, you know what that means—game over! 

How long can you keep popping bubbles and avoiding a game over? Well, the fun is in finding out! Give it a try here:

Try out Bubble Shooter Candy here!

Lucky Looter

to show the 8th most popular game, lucky looter
Image source: Pointvoucher – Lucky Looter

Lucky Looter is a fast-paced stealing frenzy, in which you must aim to grab every object in the building and escape without the security guards spotting you. It only takes a few seconds to sweep a building and make a run for it, so you’ll fly through levels and collect lots of in-game currency!

Security guards (the pesky little so-and-so’s!) will pace through buildings with their flashlights, keeping an eye out for anything suspicious. If you wander into the path of their flashlights, they’ll spot you and you’ll have to make a break for it! You can still try to pick up some more loot on your way out, but if they catch you, it’s all over!

But don’t worry, all you need to do is not let them see you! And our little looter has the best trick in the book at his disposal. Yes, I am talking about his trusty old cardboard box! Whenever a flashlight looks like it’s heading your way, simply stop moving and watch our looter jump into his box.

This game is all about quick thinking and sneaky looting! And it’s perfect to pass a little time between tasks at work, or journeys on the bus! Plus it’s our most popular game in the Action Packed category!

Click here to give Lucky Looter a go!

Words Cake

to show the game Words Cake
Image source: Pointvoucher – Words Cake

It’s time for a word game! Crossword games are the most popular game genre on this list! In Words Cake, you’ll be helping a cute little chef find words for his recipes.

Make as many words with the given letters as possible (and gain bonus points for words that aren’t included in the crossword) in order to complete a level. You can spend in-game coins to receive hints when you are struggling. 

For any speakers of or people interested in Chinese, the game also provides Chinese translations of the English words you create in each level. I don’t know why, but I’m sure it’ll be interesting to someone! 

With the help of our quick-fire crossword games, your crossword skills will double in no time! You’ll be conquering the New York Times Crossword puzzles next!

Try out your Crossword skills here!


to show the 6th most popular game, sudoku
Image source: Pointvoucher – Sudoku

You can’t beat the classics! Sudoku is a logic puzzle with numbers. But there is not actually any math involved, you simply have to find the right place for each number.

The grid is made up of nine smaller grids of nine squares. The smaller grids are called ‘homes’. Each number (from 1 to 9) can only appear once in each home, each column and each row. 

A handy feature of the electronic version is that when you click a number, it will highlight every other instance of that number, so you can easily see which columns, rows and homes are already full. No need to strain your eyes!

Sudoku is one of those special games that gets your brain ticking and takes you into that mode of concentration where the outside world disappears. But it doesn’t tire you out, or make your brain hurt. It is perfectly balanced and awesomely fun!

Visit our site here to play some Sudoku!

Pizza Ninja Mania

to show pizza ninja mania
Image source: Pointvoucher – Pizza Ninja Mania

It seems the classics really can’t be beaten—some popular games stay popular forever! Remember the super popular game ‘Fruit Ninja’? I remember sitting in the school library playing that game on my first iPod Touch in 2012!

Well, Pizza Ninja Mania is Fruit Ninja reincarnated. As you might guess, our ninja cutting skills are used against pizza ingredients here rather than fruit. Cheese, anchovies, veg and pepperoni! The various shapes make for some good slicing action!

Pizza Ninja Mania has 3 different modes: Arcade, Trial and Queue. In Arcade, you can let fruit drop, but you must avoid slicing the bombs. In Trial, if you let 3 fruit drop, you lose. The Queue mode requires you to slice ingredients in the order they appear on a conveyor belt in the top corner. 

Get ready to get addicted to this new-age swiping classic! You’ll click the play button, you’ll get into the zone and before you know it 2 hours will have passed and you’ll have an extra 18,000 points on your Pointvoucher account!

Click here to start your ninja training!

Kings & Queens Solitaire Tripeaks

to show 5th most popular game, kings & queen solitaire tripeaks
Image source: Pointvoucher – Kings & Queens Solitaire Tripeaks

While classic solitaire is still as popular as ever, it doesn’t quite suit the on-the-go gamer. Enter Kings & Queens Solitaire Tripeaks! This pretty little game is basically quick-mode solitaire. You can complete a level in under a minute if you’re good enough!

The goal is to clear the upper screen of cards, while keeping as many cards as possible in your turned-down deck unused. Like classic solitaire, you must pick cards in consecutive order in order to clear them from the screen.

However, you can switch from increasing order to decreasing order as you please. If you run out of options, then you can pull a new card from your turned-down deck and hopefully get something that will allow you to continue!

This nifty quick-play solitaire game is perfect for those die-hard solitaire fans when they are low on time. When on lunch break at work you can afford a full game of classic solitaire, and on the commute home you can whip out King & Queens!

Give it a go here and see how quick your solitaire-solving skills are!

Word Jungle

to show word jungle
Image source: Pointvoucher – Word Jungle

Word games are popular on Pointvoucher! The rules behind Word Jungle are much the same as Words Cake, but there’s a little more choice language-wise. Choose from English, French, German, Spanish, Portugese, Russian or Japanese! 

With word Jungle, the multi-lingual folk out there can interact with all of their languages, and if you’re a language learner, you can get a bit of fun practice in too!

Make as many words as you can, as fast as you can! Test yourself here!

Garden Tales

to show 2nd most popular game Garden Tales
Image source: Pointvoucher – Garden Tales

Garden Tales is a classic Candy Crush-style Match-3 game. And the visuals rival king Candy Crush himself! 

The game is bright and happy—if you want to see some luscious green lawns, sparkling fruits and vibrant flowers, this is the matching game for you!

Simply match at least 3 garden-themed items to remove them from the game. Boosts are colourful, explosive and plentiful. Your objectives are listed at the top of your screen, showing how many of each item you need to clear to complete the level. 

You have a limited number of moves, so make sure to keep an eye on them. You’ll also receive 1 to 3 stars for the level depending on how many points you can get by the end!

Just give this game a try and you’ll see why Garden Tales is one of the most popular games on Pointvoucher! This is how points get earned—with games so fun you can sink an hour into them each day without even noticing!

Check Garden Tales out here!

Crocword Crossword Puzzle Game

to show the most popular game, Crocword Crossword puzzle game
Image source: Pointvoucher – Crocword Crossword Puzzle Game

This is the No.1 most popular game on the Pointvoucher website right now! Clearly everyone is in the mood to get their brain ticking!

Crocword Crossword Puzzle Game levels are made up of micro-crossword puzzles. Each level will have around 4 words you need to work out, and only 5 letters to work with! 

Say you receive the letters D, W, N, A, L. How many words can you make with those letters? Well, that’s what the game is testing you on! And if you find words that aren’t in the crossword, you’ll get a bonus!

(By the way, I can get LAWN, DAWN, LAND and WAND from those letters. What about you?)

Sometimes all of the answers come instantly, but other times… Well, let’s just say I kicked myself a few times when I realised how easy an answer I was missing!

The visuals are neat and pleasing, the game is nice and fast and ultra easy to understand. Plus the tutorial only lasts about 4 seconds! 

If you fancy a word game, our users recommend this one the most! Check it out here!

It’s Time to Play (and earn!)

to show the Pointvoucher rewards page
Image source: Pointvoucher – Rewards Page

And there we have it, the most popular games on Pointvoucher! We hope at least one of our users’ recommendations hits the spot for you—but if not, don’t worry! We have another 165 games on our site for you to check out! Including whole genres that we didn’t cover in this list!

For those of you whose interest has been tickled by our above selection, here’s a little breakdown of what to do next!

  1. Click a link to take you to your desired game.
  2. Log in, if you haven’t already! (No account yet? Just click the Pointvoucher logo at the top of the page and you’ll be able to sign up for free, or click here!)
  3. Play the game and get earning! Each minute of gameplay nets you 150 points!
  4. When you’re ready, check out our rewards pages here to see what your points can do for you!

And that’s about all there is to it! Play games, collect points, earn rewards. And does anyone really need to be convinced to play a game?

(If you do, then check out our article on the Surprising Benefits of Playing Video Games!)

Okay! Thanks for reading, and if you want to see more popular games, let me know what you need in the comments!

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