How To Play Games, Earn Rewards & Have Fun!

Good day to you, reader. Consider this article as a little introduction and handy guide to the world of Pointvoucher. We are a company with one purpose: to help you earn rewards while playing fun games!

Whenever you play free games on your phone, someone somewhere is making money from it. So, why shouldn’t you get a little something as well? 

Here at Pointvoucher, we work hard to make deals and partnerships that will bring you the best games and the best rewards possible!

So sit back and let me tell you how it all works!

The Points System

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As a member, when you play games on the Pointvoucher website, you accumulate points for every minute of gameplay. Right now, all of our members earn 150 points per minute. That’s 1,500 points every 10 minutes, 4,500 points every 30 minutes, and 9,000 points an hour! 

Your point total will only rise when you are actively playing—if you leave the game open on the title screen and go grab some lunch, nothing will happen! 

All of the points you collect will show on your Pointvoucher account, and are always displayed at the top of the screen on the website.  

The Rewards

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When you’ve racked up some points, you can start checking out the Rewards Pages

All of our Rewards are handpicked, deals handmade with all the well-loved big brands. We are always adding more rewards, and some will stay in store longer than others. 

Our rewards range from Gift Cards for Amazon, Google, Apple and big-brand clothing stores, to coupons for specialist food stores or even free haircuts! We’ve also had awesome products like Kindles, Apple AirPods, iPads and Fitbits on our Rewards Page! Not to mention good old Starbucks Gift Cards (always a favourite!).

Here at Pointvoucher, we also love holidays and events, so make sure to watch out for the special Rewards we post during the holiday seasons (e.g Halloween Rewards, Black Friday Prize Draws, Christmas Rewards etc!). 

Types of Rewards

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At Pointvoucher we have two main types of Rewards: the normal Rewards, and the Prize Draws. 

Normal Rewards cost more points, but the deal is done as soon as you click that ‘Claim’ button. As long as you have enough points on your account to claim it, we will email you the Reward within 2 working days. 

Prize Draws, however, are competitions! The point cost is low, but you’re only claiming a chance to win the prize. When the end-date for a Prize Draw is reached, we draw lots to randomly pick a winner, and email the winner their prize. 

Since the point cost is so low, Prize Draws are the perfect thing to throw your ‘spare change’ at after you’ve redeemed a bigger Reward. Maybe you’ll get lucky, maybe you won’t, but all you gambled was an hour or two of gameplay. 

Alternatively, you can take a more aggressive approach. Users are not limited to one entry, so if you want to double, triple or quadruple your chances, you can! 10 entries, for example, would leave you 10 times more likely to win! 

The Games

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Now that you know what our Points system is like and how our Rewards work, let’s get into the nitty gritty of point earning! That’s right, the all-important games!

There are many ways to earn Gift Cards and Vouchers on the internet, but most of them require you to go out of your way to do something you otherwise wouldn’t have done. For example, filling out surveys or watching (not very exciting) videos. 

But Pointvoucher is different—we don’t want you to play games just so that you can earn Gift Cards, we want to reward you for playing games! Games are not just a means to an end. They are a fun activity that millions and millions of people partake in every day, and we want to be able to reward these people for doing what they love!

Game Categories

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Our game catalog is constantly growing, but at the time of writing, we have around 175 games on the Pointvoucher website. 

Of course, there are many different types and genres of games to discover! Our categories include: 

  1. Action Packed (action games)
  2. Word Up! (word games)
  3. You Have a Match! (matching games)
  4. Puzzle Your Brain! (puzzle games)
  5. Arcades Are Back! (arcade games)
  6. Shoot ‘em Down! (shooting games)
  7. Ready to Race? (racing games)
  8. Jock Heaven (sports games)
  9. Play Your Cards (card games)
  10. Take Down The Casino (casino games and slots)

We also have a special section for our growing selection of App Store games! You can download them in the various App Stores, and they have Pointvoucher built in and ready to collect points!

Tips To Earn Big!

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There are many kinds of people in the world, and many kinds of Pointvoucher members, too! We have some members with over 2 million points sat in their accounts, and others who always spend up as soon as they have enough for a reward. 

We also have members that will earn 300,000 points a month, and some that would take a year to earn that many. All styles and speeds are viable, there is no wrong answer! It all depends on how much you like to play.

But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few tips and tricks on how to keep your point stack growing consistently! It’s all about habits and schedules: certain types of games and certain times of day really suit daily play, and any amount of daily play will rack up points fast! 

Waking Up & Going to Sleep

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Are you the type that likes to lay in bed for half an hour after waking up, checking your phone and watching a few videos before getting out of bed? (I am.)

If so, that is a prime time to squeeze in a bit of gameplay! Since it’s morning and we need to get our brains ticking, it’s a perfect time for a word game! 

They will help keep those eyes open, wake you up, and clear the cobwebs from your brain. 

Alternatively, maybe you’re the type that likes to wind down with some phone-time after getting in bed at night. This too, is a nice time for a bit of gaming! In this case, I’d recommend a chill matching game to help you relax. 

The game Lumeno is perfect in this case! It’s a matching game, but it’s not all colour and explosions like Candy Crush. Rather, it is rhythmic and relaxing, complete with the comforting glow and ambience of a nighttime forest backdrop. Wonderful for some late night play!

Commutes & Micro Breaks

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The journey to work is a classic time for mobile games! If you’re a train or bus rider, whether you’re comfortably sat, or stood up during rush hour, you can whip out your phone and get some points earned! 

During transit, I recommend a puzzle game like Sudoku that can steal your concentration and help your journey pass quickly. Plus, unlike action games or quick-paced matching games, puzzle gameplay tends to be a little slower and resistant to the mis-taps caused by the vehicle moving or people pushing! 

If you’re a walker, driver or biker, then this isn’t really an option. Or, you might be working from home and have no commute at all! In this case, playing a level or two during your work day is a nice way to unwind!

When we work alone, or work from home, we don’t get as many breaks by talking to other people or leaving our desks. So when you need to turn your eyes away from your task for a minute or two to refresh, pull out your phone and play a round or two of your favourite game! 

Queues and Waiting Rooms

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My last tip is another obvious one really—play while you wait! Whether it’s a queue for groceries or waiting for your dental appointment, downtime during your day is a great time to get your phone out. 

Games like Lucky Looter or Touch and Catch Sakura Blossom on Pointvoucher are super quick-play games that can be played in seconds. I think it must take no longer than 10 seconds to complete a level of Lucky Looter! So no matter how small the wait, games can be played! 

Any Questions?

That’s about all you need to know about Pointvoucher, plus fair amount extra!

If you haven’t already signed up but want to, click this link and it will take you right to our Sign Up page! Membership is, of course, completely free!

And, if you would like a few more game recommendations, check out our Top 10 Most Popular Games on Pointvoucher article!

Lastly, if you have any more questions, let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading, and have fun playing!

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