10 brilliant things under $10 that will improve your life

10 brilliant things under $10 that will improve your life

We bring you 10 brilliant things under $10 that will improve your life. You might think that it’s a small amount of money, but there are many things that you can get for $10. We’ve collected 10 awesome things you can buy for ten dollar or less. 

So, take out your $10 bill and get ready to purchase some cool stuff, like a Netflix subscription, Pointvoucher premium membership, or maybe something unique from Amazon. 

10 brilliant things under $10 that will improve your life
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Here are 10 brilliant things under $10 that will improve your life

You don’t always need a large sum of money to get something useful for yourself. We’ve listed 10 brilliant things under $10 for you. These things can low-key help improve your life. 

Check out the list and find what works best for you!

Pointvoucher Premium Membership

For $5.99/month you can enjoy a premium membership with Pointvoucher. You can play ad-free games and earn premium rewards for yourself or friends and family members. 

So, go premium and get access to exclusive games and rewards. It’s super simple:

  • Sign up for $5.99/month and get 25,000 points as bonus
  • Access premium rewards by playing any Pointvoucher games 
  • Premium users get benefits, like holding up to 5,000,000 points in their point wallet and getting double the daily bonus compared to free users
  • Take advantage of the 7 day free trial and cancel anytime you want

Pointvoucher is a website where you can play free online and mobile games to earn real rewards. It offers 320+ free games and numerous real-life rewards. Pointvoucher has successfully made life more entertaining and fun for 500,000+ users.

For $5.99/month you can enjoy a premium membership with Pointvoucher
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Pay for Netflix Basic

Image Source: Netflix

Get your popcorn ready and enjoy binge-worthy seasons on Netflix. 

With Netflix’s basic package, you can enjoy movies from the comfort of your own home. The basic streaming plan costs around $8.99/month, and it offers access to all the Netflix movies that other plan users get. 

With this plan, you can view Netflix on a single screen at a time. The plan does not offer high definition viewing, though. However, you can still enjoy some Standard Definition (SD) content like Friends or The Office. You will find a fair amount of SD content with the basic plan. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time for Netflix and Chill!

AirPod Cover

Dark blue coloured Airpod silicone covers available on Amazon
Image Source: Amazon

Get your hands on these super cool Airpod silicone covers for $6.98. These Airpod covers are light-weight and are a perfect fit for Airpods 1 and 2 with the latest wireless charging case. The covers are available in several fun colors. 

This slim silicone cover provides protection to your Airpod case without being too bulky. Some of its features include:

  • Impact resistance and anti-scratch protection against daily wear and tear
  • Supports wireless charging and is lightweight
  • Compatible with all kinds of QI standard wireless charging pads

So, get this uber cool Airpods cover for less than $10 and enjoy music anywhere, anytime! 

Dollar Shave Club Starter Set

Look sharp and well groomed with Dollar Shave club starter set for $5
Image Source: Dollar Shave Club

Look sharp and well groomed for every important event in your life.

For $5 you can get a Dollar Shave Club starter set. In the first box, you get trial sizes of products. This includes two cartridges, shave butter, and a handle. You can try these products and decide whether you like them or not. 

If you do like the products you can continue using them for $25 (or more incase of additional products). If you don’t, you can cancel the subscriptions at any time.

In case you do opt for future boxes, you receive refills with razors after two weeks of getting the trial pack, and they will get automatically restocked every two months. 

You can also adjust what products you get in the box according to your preferences. 

So, create an account and start your $5 trial. 

Dollar Shave Club is available in the US, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. 

Get Your Own Website

Get your own website for under $10 with website builders like, WordPress, GoDaddy, Wix, and many others

Time has changed a lot. In this day and age, it’s super easy to get your own website, and there’s no reason to spend tons of money to launch it. 

You can easily create a low-cost website with the help of website builders like Wix, WordPress, Ucraft, Gator, and many others. These builders help you to create websites for businesses, SMEs, or for personal use.

A website is a great way to promote your business or build a relationship with your customers. It helps potential customers find you, and learn about your business.  

So, if you have a start up or want to create a blog, all you need is $10 or less to get your dream website. 

Purchase an Uno Deck

Buy mini UNO cards from Amazon
Image Source: Amazon

You can always count on Amazon to offer you something unique for less than $10.  

If you love playing UNO with your friends and family, then this one’s for you. For less than $10, you can buy the world’s smallest UNO card game on Amazon. It also makes a perfect gift for any occasion from young ones to adults. You can also carry it around whenever you go on trips, to a friend’s house, or on picnics with your family and friends. 

Tiny UNO means big fun for the entire family. Some features of this UNO deck include:

  • This tiny deck of cards measure approximately 3″ x 2″ x .75″
  • The game comes with 108 Cards, 1 Tuck Box, 1 Instruction Sheet

Give to Charity

Do charity to feel good and improve your life by helping others in need
Image Source: Freepiks

There is no better way to improve your life than by helping others in need.

A sum of $10 might not mean much to you, but it could mean the world to someone less fortunate. One awesome thing you can do with your $10 bill is to donate it. 

You can pick any cause that is close to your heart. There is no better feeling than helping the less fortunate. Check out some unique charities, like Gift A Goat or Donate A Tree to really make a difference in someone’s life. 

Mug Warmer

One of the things that will improve your life include a Mug Warmer from Amazon
Image Source: Amazon

If you are looking for something unique within your budget, you know Amazon won’t disappoint you. 

You can buy a Mug Warmer from Amazon for $9.41. This is an amazing product that does not cost much and is super useful. 

This USB charging heating coaster is easy to carry and helps to keep your drinks warm anywhere and at any time. You can keep it at the office on your desk or at home. It’s suitable for metal, glass, or ceramic cups and helps keep coffee, tea, or baby food warm.

All you need is a hot cup of coffee to make a cold winter morning little cozy.

You know what they say, “Happiness is a hot drink on a cold day”.

Treat Your Spouse Or Family Member

For me personally, keeping my loved ones happy is the greatest joy of my life.  

Use the $10 to buy something nice for a family member or loved one. It will surely bring you joy and improve your life for the better. 

A small gift for your spouse or family member can really make them happy and feel special. While $10 might not be sufficient for a fancy dinner or an expensive gift, it can help you buy a small gift like flowers or chocolate to make your loved ones very happy.

Save It For Future Spending

Save for your future is one of the things under $10 that will improve your life. A man is putting change in a jar
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Saving is a great way to secure your future and improve your life. 

Instead of spending the $10, you can also save it for future spending. I know that $10 is a small amount of money, but if you keep saving $10 every now and then, it can add up to a big sum.

You can then use that money to buy something more expensive that you’ve had your eye on. You could also save $10 for a really big ticket item, such as a new car or college fund for your child’s future.


No matter what you decide to do with your $10, choose something that makes you or your loved ones happy. 

We have listed things you can enjoy for only a small amount of money. It could be anything from getting a monthly premium membership of Pointvoucher, doing some charity, or simply saving money for future spending. The choice is yours. 

Let us know if we missed any brilliant ways to spend a $10 bill. Also, don’t forget to share this list with your friends and family.

Here at Pointvoucher, we believe in providing entertainment that gives back. So, check out our website and subscribe to our premium membership for a mere $5.99/month. You can enjoy ad free games and win fancy real-life rewards.

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