10 Awesome Subscription Services Under $10!

Aren’t subscription services great? They’ve really blown up in the last few years, and I’ve got to say—I’m rather glad they did! The prices can get a little expensive (like $50 make-up boxes or my favourite $40 Japanese stationery box!) but the more popular subscription services become, the more cheap options we get! So I’m here today to give you a good old 10under10: Ten awesome subscription services for under ten dollars!

Don’t expect full-sized MAC make-up products or chocolate hampers, though! We’re going the understated route: think new and interesting versions of your daily necessities, and cute mini-gifts.

Okay, let’s get started!

1. Love With Food

Image source: Love With Food

Let’s start with a winner: a food box! Love With Food is chocked full of healthy snacks—yes you heard me correctly! I’m not saying they’ll all be under 100 calories or anything, but they will be wholesome and made with good, natural ingredients. So in other words: healthy!

Starting at just $7.99 per month, not only will you receive a box full of goodies to your door, but Love With Food will also donate one meal to an American family in need. So far, they’ve donated over 1 million meals!

So, you can feel good about filling your own tummy with snacks, knowing that you’ve helped fill someone else’s tummy, too!

Check out the site here: Love With Food

2. RawSpiceBar

Image source: RawSpiceBar

More food! Well, ingredients for food. I don’t know about you, but I both love and hate buying spices. When I need to buy a whole new $5 pot of a particular spice just to make one meal, I hate it! But once I have it, it lasts a long time and expands the possibilities of what I can make. Once you’ve spent the money, you get motivated to make sure it gets well-used!

Now, a good way to both limit your amount of annoying purchases, and expand your recipe repertoire with even more spices, is the RawSpiceBar subscription. Sometimes we all need a little push to get us to try new things, and getting a new and wonderful spice delivered to your door is the perfect push!

You don’t even need to worry about receiving a scary spice you’ve never heard of or don’t know anything about! RawSpiceBar includes info and recipes about all their spices in their subscription box! So if you don’t want to research your own recipe, you don’t need to!

Check out their website here: RawSpiceBar

3. Facetory

Image source: Facetory

Okay, taking a break from food, next up we have Facetory. This awesome brand brings all the wonders of Korean skincare right here to the US! They have multiple subscriptions on offer, including a deluxe $50 per month box of face masks and skincare products!

But fear not! For the patron who prefers to dabble before they plunge in head first, they also offer a subscription service under $10. It’s called FOUR-ever Fresh, and it costs $8.90 per month! As you can guess, this subscription box will deliver four refreshing face masks a month, right to your door.

Korean skincare is all the rage right now, and there’s a reason for that! I won’t pretend to know the details or the science, but the short story is that people are getting results! Cleared up breakouts, smoother skin, softer skin, less red patches, you name it!

And this Facetory subscription service is the perfect way to dip your toe in, see what Korean skincare might be able to do for you.

Check out their site here: Facetory

4. Simple Loose Leaf Tea

Image source: Simple Loose Leaf Tea

Let’s talk drinks! Are you a tea person, or a coffee person? (If the answer is coffee, skip to the next subscription!) If the answer is tea, you’re in the right place!

Simple Loose Leaf Tea delivers 4 hand-selected loose leaf teas to your door every month. Each tea will make around 4-5 cups each, and you can choose from the Green Tea box, Herbal/Decaf Tea box, Black Tea box or the Sampler Tea box (which is a mix of all three!).

That’s around 20 cups of tea per month to spread throughout your tea-drinking schedule and spice things up. Tea is just another thing we tend to keep the same—shopping on our way home from work, we just want to play it safe and know we can relax when we get home. Trying out something new is such a risk!

But we ought to take those risks, and that’s why this subscription box is so good! It takes the decision-making out of our hands and makes the whole ordeal a lot easier! And the result is we get to try new things, stress free and with no regrets!

Check it out here: Simple Loose Leaf Tea

5. Slurp Coffee

Image source: Slurp Coffee

And now it’s the coffee lovers’ turn! Slurp coffee delivers freshly roasted Finnish artisan coffee to your door—no matter where your door is! (i.e They deliver worldwide.)

For just €9.89 you can get a 200g bag of coffee delivered to your door every four weeks. According to their site, that’s 1 cup of coffee per day!

You can personalise your flavour profile and choose between whole bean or freshly ground. If you’re unsure what flavour is best for you, you can also order a sample pack for €2.99 to make sure you get what you want!

No one wants to wake up craving their morning coffee just to discover they’ve run out. With this subscription service under $10, you’ll never have to! God, I love coffee, I drink mine with frothy oat milk and a drop of honey! How about you?

Check out the Slurp site here: Slurp Coffee

6. EarFleek

Image source: EarFleek

How about a bit of hit-or-miss fun? EarFleek is cheap and cheerful—with emphasis on the cheap! For $3.50 a month, they will ship a fun pair of random earrings every month. You may not always receive something that matches your personal tastes, but when you’re only paying $3.50, that’s just part of the fun!

Plus, duds can always be gifted to your close friends. In fact, an EarFleek trading circle would be even better: all of your friends subscribe, and you can trade the earrings amongst yourselves until everyone is happy!

This is, as I mentioned, a cheap and cheerful subscription service: with the price this low, don’t expect to receive gold-plated studs that will see you through the next ten years. But that’s fine! Not everything has to be top quality and long-lasting. Throwaway fashion is a big industry, and a great way to try out many different styles without breaking the bank or feeling wasteful when you get bored of something!

Check out their store here: EarFleek

7. Nail Shack

Image source: Nail Shack

Sticking with the fashion theme, next up is Nail Shack! This handy subscription service under $10 offers 4 full sets of high end nail polish strips and a cute nail file, delivered to your door every month. They also ship worldwide from the US.

Whether you are a bonafide nail-freak, or want to give yourself a little push towards becoming one, this subscription box is perfect for you! Nail polish strips allow you to transfer amazing colours and patterns straight onto your natural nail. They are pretty much the only way to achieve such effects from home (unless you’re some kind of genius nail artist!).

Nail polish strips tend to last about 7 days, so the 4 sets you will receive in the box should cover you for the entire month! Or, if you won’t use them all that quickly, then you can slowly build up a collection to draw from at any time.

One day you’ll buy an outfit that perfectly matches that one set of nail strips that you never knew what to wear with, and it will make the perfect party ensemble!

Check out their store here: Nail Shack

8. Urban Organic Gardener

Image source: Urban Organic Gardener

Here’s a box that’s a little less universal than food, tea, coffee and fashion, but still equally awesome! Urban Organic Gardener will send you a variety of seeds, planting tools and instructions every month so you have everything you need to go full-farmer!

And don’t worry, these boxes are tailored to your gardening needs: your location, your weather, your preferences. Even if you can only grow out of pots on the windowsill, you can subscribe and receive everything you need to make the craziest windowsill ever.

Think of it like a personal gardening guru, sending you seeds and tips perfectly tailored to your needs. Oh, and it only costs $5 a month!

Check it out here: Urban Organic Gardener

9. Loot Socks

Image source: Lootcrate

Socks! Arguably the ultimate subscription service. There are so many to choose from, and as everyone knows: you can never have too many socks.

Since we like our games here at Pointvoucher, we’ve chosen Loot Socks. Loot Socks sends you two pairs of pop culture themed socks every month for $9.99. That means socks from your favourite games, movies and TV shows.

Socks may have a bad rep as the present that no one really wants, but that’s just a silly lie. Everyone feels a special sense of joy and excitement when they realise they get to wear a brand new pair of socks that day!

Loot Socks ships to anywhere in the US and also a good number of other countries.

Check it out here: Lootcrate

10. Pointvoucher Premium

Last but not least, Pointvoucher! This subscription service doesn’t send you a monthly box, but you could get some insane loot from it! The Premium membership costs $5.99, and allows you to play all sorts of mobile and browser games, collect points and earn rewards.

There are over 350 games to choose from, and you earn 150 points for every minute of gameplay. When you’ve earned a nice stack of points, you can wander on over to the Premium Rewards Shop.

Here, you can exchange your points for whatever is on offer. Direct rewards often include Gift Cards from big brands like Amazon, Apple, Google, Starbucks and more. Pointvoucher also have partnerships with lots of independent companies which offer rewards like Gift Baskets and %off their products. (For example, Legally Addictive or My Cookie Dough!)

And then, there’s Prize Draws. This is a special set-up where you spend a small amount of points to secure entry into a Prize Draw. Prizes have included Apple AirPods, an iPad, a Playstation 5, deluxe food hampers, $50 Big-brand Gift Cards and more!

Check it all out here: Pointvoucher


That’s our list of subscription services! We hope something catches your eye.

Ultimately, it falls to your own tastes. Do you want something little every month, or the chance to earn something big? (Well, actually Pointvoucher can give you both: you can totally earn enough points in a month to both redeem a moderately-priced reward and enter a fancy Prize Draw!)

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