Pointvoucher’s Game of the Week: Johnny Revenge

If you’ve ever woken up one morning and thought “Damn, I really wish I was Neo from the Matrix, minus all the dystopian killer robots”, then Johnny Revenge is the game for you. It’s an acrobatic shooter where you flip-and-fire your way through different levels slo-mo style and take-out bad guys. This week, we’ve chosen it as our Game of the Week here at Pointvoucher.

Johnny Revenge gameplay screenshot
Dodge this.

While the game initially seems quite easy, as you progress through the levels the difficulty ramps up. As ever with video games, the villains have a distinct lack of awareness of their surroundings and often stand right next to conveniently placed barrels of flammable liquid. However, Johnny Revenge frowns upon civilian casualties: they mean “Game Over”. The villains are willing to take innocent bystanders down with them, so you need to shoot precisely when hostages and enemies are near either each other or the barrels that go boom.

There are customization options available in the game as well and you’re rewarded with better gun types to dispatch your foes as you progress through. My favorite was the spray-and-pray Uzi. It was cool and also made the game more difficult due to the accidental deaths of hostages. 

Johnny Revenge in-game explosion screenshot
“Hey Gary, lets hide behind this explosive barrel…”

After you get to around level 25, you’re challenged with ever tighter angles and time limits for your shooting. Death is the reward for any missed shots. Like an avenging John Wick, you must leave no enemies alive.

There’s also boss fights to break up the gameplay. Unlike your puny character, these bosses can somehow survive 15-20 shots from your weapon before they keel over. This is where the cannon-sized shotgun becomes useful, and it absolutely fits in with the guitar-laden rock soundtrack.

Overall, Johnny Revenge is addictive gun-slinging game that is a great way to earn rewards on Pointvoucher if you have half an hour to kill. If you like the look of Johnny Revenge, you can dive right into the game here.

What did you think of Johnny Revenge? Did you enjoy it, or was it not your thing?

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