Quiz #1. Challenge: think you can get perfect results?

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If all the months of the year were characters in a horror film, January would be the one that gets “nominated” by all the others to go into the murderer’s house first. It’s basically the worst month. Everyone’s poor, the weather is awful, and there’s post-Christmas blues everywhere.

But just as “all good things must come to end”, so must all bad things. February is on the horizon! Admittedly this is only a small improvement, but at least most of the northern hemisphere is one step closer to the good times of Spring and Summer.

At any rate, because we love our #PointvoucherFam more than we hate January, we decided to start to doing a weekly quiz. It won’t change your life, but it will allow you to gloat at anyone you get a higher score than. Each week, we’ll base one round of the quiz on one of the awesome rewards you can earn here on Pointvoucher. This week, we’ve chosen doggy.graphics to give you a, you guessed it, dog-based round.

If quizzes aren’t your thing, head straight over to Pointvoucher’s games page. Don’t forget to share your results and enjoy!

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