Pointvoucher’s Game of the Week: Jewel Burst

Pointvoucher's Game of the Week: Jewel Burst

Welcome back to Pointvoucher’s Game of the Week! This time around, Pointvoucher chose to give the award to Jewel Burst, a fun arcade game. The goal is to burst all the frozen tiles by matching three or more identical jewels. As most arcade fans know, these kind of games are highly addictive. While the user relaxes playing, the brain has a chance to train. In other words, Jewel Burst is what you need if you’re looking for a way to relax while boosting your smarts.

Jewel Burst is the Pointvoucher's game of the week
The game interface

Embark on a mission in deep space between planets and tons of stars. Collect the jewels and destroy the chains and double chains that hold them in order to complete the level requirements. You’d think it would be easy, right? No way! Make your moves, but be careful, there’s a chance you’ll get stuck and the clock is ticking. Moreover, the further you go in the game, the harder it gets. Of course, you can get some in-game help. For example, a five-jewel burst gives you a double arrow bonus: a special tile that erases both the row and the column. A double blast gives you a flexible rainbow jewel. We invite you to discover other bonuses. With 200 levels, this game can provide hours of entertainment.

We chose this challenging game because it was one of the most played games this week on Pointvoucher. Despite being pretty new to our platform, users showed true love for this free game. Maybe they like the fact that the user interface is super friendly. The game also has an engaging design, appealing to space fans.

Jewel Burst is the Pointvoucher's game of the week
The levels overview

This game, published by Kizi, lets you travel in the Solar System, from the Sun to Neptune. Can you guess which planet is Mars, which one is Saturn, and which is Venus? (Hint: Saturn has rings!). Join hundreds of users and start to entertain yourself with this amazing game.

Playing the games that Pointvoucher has on its platform can provide you many advantages. In fact, based on the time you invest in the games, you can earn a certain amount of points.

This game is so addictive that you’ll lose track of time, letting you claim more and more points. You can then exchange them for the many rewards Pointvoucher offers. Discover which one you like and go for it.

Discover which game we chose as our last Game of the Week here. What did you think of Jewel Burst? Did you enjoy it, or was it not your thing? What do you think are the most appealing features? Is there anything that would you improve?

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