Quiz #2. Challenge: think you can get perfect results?

Pointvoucher Quiz #2

IIIIIIIIIT’S QUIZ TIME! Which means it’s also nearly the end of the week. A whole two days of sitting at home and not going outside await you. What will you do with yourself?!? The possibilities in corona times are endless. And by endless, I mean restricted and not as good as they usually are. Never fear though intrepid Pointvoucherites, we’ve got your back with a whole host of free games. Play these free games and get free stuff. Because everything is better when it’s free.

LastSwab Quiz Special Round
LastObject, haters of plastic waste and all-round cool cats.

This week, Round Two is themed around our friends over at eco-conscious LastObject, who are offering an exceptional reward on the Rewards page. Trade in your points for a LastSwab voucher and you can pat yourself on the back as you say to everyone you know: “I helped to save the world today. No biggie. What did you do this weekend?” Enjoy the quiz.

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