How to get free Amazon gift cards UK (2021)

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Imagine you went back in time 100 years and told someone there was a place where you could literally buy anything you could think of for low prices. They’d think you were mad right? (They’d also probably think you were mad if you tried to explain how the internet works to them). Still, we live in tomorrow’s world, where anything you want to purchase is just a click away on Amazon.

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The only thing better than buying anything you can think of for low prices is buying anything you can think of for even lower prices. Everyone loves a bit of free stuff right? Amazon Gift Cards are a great way to reduce the amount of money you’re spending on the retail giant’s website. But how do you get them for free?

There’s loads of places where you can earn free Amazon gift cards, but we think Pointvoucher is a pretty good place to start! We won’t lie to you, you’re not going to earn millions in Amazon gift cards and be able to quit your day job. But it will provide you with a decent reward for something that you may already do.

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How does Pointvoucher give you free Amazon gift cards?

Simply by playing games. There’s no dull surveys or videos that you have to watch for ages to get a miniscule amount of points. You just sign up to Pointvoucher for free and start playing the fun games. Then, you head to the Rewards page to cash in your points for gift cards, discount vouchers and prize draws to Amazon and other big brands. It doesn’t take months to earn enough points to qualify for a reward. In fact, you can usually earn enough points to claim the cheaper rewards in about half an hour.

There’s also no points reduction after you’ve been signed up for a while – every member gets the same amount of points for the same amount of playtime. There’s regular points giveaways in our newsletter, and you can also choose to watch adverts for a 300 point bonus. Then, If you like the way it works, you can opt to sign up for Premium membership. Premium lets you store more points for longer and gives you access to even better rewards.

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So if you’ve ever played games on your phone or laptop, why not check out the games on Pointvoucher? It’s a great way to monetize an activity that you’re already doing, and it doesn’t cost you a penny. There’s some awesome Rewards up for grabs at the moment – including a £50 Amazon voucher. So all you have to do is play to get paid and #RewardYourself.

Have you tried Pointvoucher as a way of earning some free Amazon gift cards? Let us know what you thought in the comments section below, or on Facebook or Twitter.

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