The Top Netflix Series: 10 best binge-worthy series in 2021

Top Netflix Series

Looking for the best Netflix series to watch? In this post, we’ll show you Pointvoucher’s top choices! With a vast selection of TV shows, documentaries, movies, and cartoons, Netflix is the most famous streaming service available. Its catalogue is so large that it’s always hard to pick something to watch. If you’re anything like me, you frequently find yourself scrolling the dashboard for 15 minutes, without being able to decide on anything! Don’t worry, Pointvoucher’s got your back with the 10 best TV shows available on Netflix, in 2021.

Top Netflix Series
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Our list of the 10 Top Netflix Series is diverse and made out of older series and the newest ones. It includes both drama series and comedy TV shows. In no particular order:

  1. Snowpiercer
  2. Dark
  3. How I Met Your Mother
  4. Breaking Bad
  5. Better Call Saul
  6. Peaky Blinders
  7. Black Mirror
  8. Rick and Morty
  9. Vikings
  10. Behind Her Eyes

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An overview of the Top Netflix Series list

We chose these series based on their enjoyability: you can just sit on the sofa after dinner and watch one of these titles until morning. Every one of these TV shows will keep you entertained and chained on the coach. The marker of a well-done TV show is when you feel deprived when one of the series ends. Therefore, discover more about the Top Netflix TV Shows we picked, and don’t forget to try our prize draws.

The Top Netflix Series

This collection includes true classical TV shows, like Breaking Bad and Black Mirror, and a couple of newcomers that have already become must-watch series, so don’t miss any of the following recommendations.


Image a world covered by snow (nope, not Canada!). Snowpiercer is set in a dystopian future, where scientists tried to respond to climate change and accidentally brought about a new ice age. A mysterious businessman built a giant train to save wealthiest people, while the poorest assaulted the train to have a chance to survive. The series begins when a man is brutally killed and the first-class section needs a detective. Class warfare explodes while the external world is changing. The main cast includes Jennifer Connelly, Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in A Beautiful Mind, and Daveed Diggs.


Time travel and loops afflict Winden. This is a small German town, where yesterday is tomorrow and the nuclear plant near the town can explode today. Everything starts when two children disappear, and the fates of 4 families intertwine. This TV show will blow your mind. The main characters are played by Lukas Hofmann and Lisa Vicari.

How I Met Your Mother

Laughs, love, and legen… dary characters are typical for this classic series. Despite being quite old, HIMYM still achieves resounding success among viewers. In 2030, Ted is a father telling his children the events that eventually led him to encounter their Mother. Back in 2005, Ted, played by Josh Radnor, is a young architect seeking the love of his life. This comedy TV show is one of the Top Netflix Series ever. Entertainment and fun are guaranteed to anyone. The cast includes Jason Segal, Neil Patrick Harris and Alyson Hannigan.

Top Netflix Series: HIMYM
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Breaking Bad

This one is probably the most famous Netflix series. It’s impact was so deep that it changed the way people perceive TV shows in general. Walter White is a chemistry professor who discovers he has lung cancer. In an attempt to leave his family an inheritance, he starts to cook methamphetamine and deals it with the help of one of his former students. Action, thrill, wonderful characters, this TV show has everything you need if you’re searching for entertainment. The quality is high for all 5 seasons. A spin-off series and a sequel movie derived from Breaking Bad. Bryan Cranston plays Heisenberg AKA Walter White.

Better Call Saul

Saul Goodman or James McGill? This TV show is set in the Breaking Bad universe, a few years before the events of the original series. The main character is James McGill, and the long route he takes to become the lawyer/swindler Saul Goodman. Highly recommended for Breaking Bad lovers. Bob Odenkirk is the main actor involved in this TV show.

Top Netflix Series: Better Call saul
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Peaky Blinders

Birmingham, 1919, after the First World War. The series follows the story of the Peaky Blinders gang and their cunning boss Tommy Shelby, played by the amazing Cillian Murphy. They have to fight against a new Detective Chief Inspector, sent over by Winston Churchill himself. Detective Chester Campbell must clean up the city of the IRA militants, Communists, gangs, and common criminals. Drama and action characterize this TV show.

Black Mirror

Is it futurist or dystopian? Black Mirror talks about the relationship between humans and technology. Every episode, self-contained, will leave you speechless. Despite being quite recent, this series has gone down as one of the top Netflix series. Everyone has their own favorite episode, but some of the most critically acclaimed are San Junipero, White Bear, and Playtest. Perfect for the dystopian genre fan. The TV show has a special Christmas episode and an interactive spin-off movie, which is also available on Netflix: Bandersnatch. The cast of this top Netflix series changes in every episode.

Rick and Morty

This cartoon series is not for children. Rick is a genius scientist, Morty his grandchild. Thanks to the inventions of the universe’s most intelligent person, Rick himself, they have adventures in the multiverse. Really funny and unconventional, Rick and Morty is one of the most entertaining cartoon series. A couple of funny special episodes are about a parody of various “terrestrial” TV networks. This top Netflix series is what you need if you’re in search of a relaxing and detached TV show. Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon are the creators.

Top Netflix Series: Rick and Morty
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The adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons are narrated in this series. Travel through time and discover the history of the Viking expansion in Europe, from Kievan Rus’ to Iceland. Battles, prophecies, and diplomatic agreements are what you find on this TV show, winner of many awards. It doesn’t follow history to the letter, but it’ll definitely keep you on the sofa. Great landscapes and outstanding actors’ performances enrich the Viking series. The Australian actor Travis Fimmel plays the main character of this TV show.

Behind Her Eyes

Despite being a newcomer on Netflix, this series is generated great hype with critics and audiences alike. Turning points and supernatural implications are what you can find in this psychological thriller TV show. Derived by a Sarah Pinborough bestseller, Behind Her Eyes starts with a love triangle. But a fourth character changes everything. Check out this TV show if you are in the mood for a well-made thriller in 6 acts. Simona Brown plays the lead role in this brand new series.

Pointvoucher’s favorite among our Top Netflix Series

It’s hard to pick one from all of the series available on Netflix, as we have some excellent shows here on this list. There is entertainment for all kinds of genres. Thriller for those who love a bit of tension, comedy for those who love to laugh. A lot of people prefer drama, and in fact, the majority of Netflix series are dramatic shows. For me, the best among these series is Breaking Bad. The choice was made because of its long-lasting quality, and the outstanding acting performance of Bryan Cranston. This actor was able to take an anonymous teacher and make him become a convincing drug lord. The evolution of the character is well played by the actor. This is one of the main causes that made Breaking Bad probably the best TV show ever.

What do you think of our picks? Did we miss any TV show? Let us know your thoughts about this article on Facebook, Twitter, or here in the comment section.

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